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Kenneth Rexroth, poète libertaire américain, lit un extrait d'un poème dédié à la mémoire des deux anarchistes italiens exécutés en 1927 par l'Etat américain, malgré la mobilisation internationale. 


For a month now, wandering over the Sierras, 
A poem had been gathering in my mind, 
Details of significance and rhythm, 
The way poems do, but still lacking a focus. 
Last night I remembered the date and it all 
Began to grow together and take on purpose. 
We sat up late while Deneb moved over the zenith 
And I told Marie all about Boston, how it looked 
That last terrible week, how hundreds stood weeping 
Impotent in the streets that last midnight. 
I told her how those hours changed the lives of thousands, 
How America was forever a different place 
Afterwards for many. In the morning 
We swam in the cold transparent lake, the blue 
Damsel flies on all the reeds like millions 
Of narrow metallic flowers, and I thought 
Of you behind the grille in Dedham, 
Vanzetti, Saying, "Who would ever have thought we would make this history?" 


Some day mountains will be named after you and Sacco. 
They will be here and your name with them, 
"When these days are but a dim remembering of the time 
When man was wolf to man." 
I think men will be remembering you a long time 
Standing on the mountains 
Many men, a long time, comrade.

Images d'archives sur l'affaire Sacco & Vanzetti (en anglais)

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